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1 Chatty Chics
0 0

a fantastic and friendly site for women to chat and have a giggle gossiping...
2 Society Of The Psychosocial
0 0
Real Women. Real Issues. NO BS.
Here we have a little bit of everything.
Registration is free & easy!
3 Crew of the Zoo
0 0

Friends an Freebies
4 The Other Place
0 0

A place for everyone to gather and to enjoy a broad array of topics.
5 pink ladies
0 0

pink ladies the in place to be.... where
girls will be girls and love to have fun....
we are a fun and friendly forum where you can be
6 Restless Lives
0 0
Chat about real life romances,friendships and couples in Hollywood or soaps and many other topics to.
7 Jorian's Place
0 0

Soap Opera focus forum with so much more. If want to have a good time, meet great people, and just discuss your soaps them come here. You will be glad you did.
8 Just Us Moms
0 0
Grab a coffee, sit back and relax with us in our brand new fun and friendly mommy board. We have many forums such as a TTC forum, a pregnancy forum, a parenting forum, a general chat forum, plus many many more. Hope to see you there!
9 mums wonderland
0 0
Mums wonderland is a great parenting forum!! We have a bunch a lovely girls. Looking forward to seeing you there :)
10 Families First
0 0
We cater for all types of Families - Young and Old, Single and Partnered, from anywhere around the Globe.
11 Ruby's Collectibles
0 0
Home and Garden decor and gifts for everyone
12 Sexy Diva's Net Club
0 0
Ladies Only 20+ welcome! Fun new forum with a variety of message boards to post on...a great way to make new friends. We also have an arcade with 250+ games, music players, graphics galleria, and more
13 Mommy Haven
0 0
A place for moms, expecting moms, and wanna-be moms to come together!
14 Delusional Lineage
0 0
Guys & Gals 18+ welcome!
A group of REAL people that take the time to get to know each other...we're a little on the crazy side, but we love to have fun. We offer an arcade with 140+ games, shout box
15 B*tches B*having B*dly
0 0
Real Women - Come Out & Play!!!
Plenty Of Discussion, Graphics, & More!
Bring Your Sense Of Humor & Potty Mouth.
16 Multiverse X RPG (MXR)
0 0
This site is dedicated to the many universes of T.V. and Movie fantasy. Many Fan based genre are listed here, including, but definitely not limited to: Angel, Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed,
17 East Coast Madness
0 0
.::Message boards, Arcade w/150+ games, Graphic request, Chat room, Photo & video sharing, & more! Everyone 18+ welcome!::.
18 For the Love of Cats
0 0
Online community for cat-lovers. New and friendly cat forum. Pin-up cat of the week, cat chat, cat health, gallery, kitty poses, rainbow bridge. Also parades and parties - come join in on the fun!
19 ~~A Girls Place~~
0 0
A place where girls can be girls....lots of fun chat, good info, freebies, games, jokes, just a simple place to come and express urself
20 TheChitChatCafe
0 0
Fun new site for women to enjoy, and make new friends!

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